Download Grin

On this page you can download the Grin software. The software does not require installation, simply extract the files into a suitable folder and run Grin.exe.

Link to software archive
Download the Grin 4.7.17 archive

Use to the software archive or to the archive link for the picture above.

To download GRaph INterface (Grin) in English click HERE

Save the file to your computer in a convenient folder (less than 2 mb). In the proposed version the maximum number of vertices is 99. This is sufficient for educational processes and for most models in other knowledge areas. If you need a version with more vertices, contact the author.

Extract the files to a convenient folder. The software does not require installation, simply run Grin.exe. In recent versions of MS Windows it is possible to run the programme as an administrator with rights.

The content of the archive is shown in the following table

File nameDescription
Grin.exe.Software executable file
Grin.rusDynamic interface localisation library. If you delete this file from the software folder, the interface will be in English. All messages will remain in Russian
ImagesForPoints.bmpA bitmap containing images that can be used to draw the vertices of a graph. You can add your own images to this file.
GRIN_RUS.HLPHelp file. This format is considered obsolete on modern operating systems. A special utility, WinHlp32.exe, must be used to view it. This utility can be found on the manufacturer's website and installed on your computer
(in the example folders)
Graph files in the original author's xml format. The examples allow you to see the possibilities for visualising graphs and their attributes. With some care it is possible to edit this file in notepad. This format supports all graph visualization options and storage of additional information about the graph
(in the example folders)
Graph files in the original author's format. This format has limitations - it can store various attributes that were not provided in earlier versions of the software (long names, element descriptions, macros)

Text materials with exercises in Russian Efficient algorithms

Text materials with exercises in English (automatic translation) Efficient Algorithms

User Guide (English): Editing Graphs in Grin